tablets Needed for National Bible Translators!

We’re receiving urgent requests for translated Scriptures from parts of the world where Christians are being viciously persecuted. Many live in isolated areas, far from other believers. They need the encouragement of God’s Word! But many have been waiting generations for the Scriptures in their own heart language.

Christians have heard of God working powerfully through His Word when neighboring tribes receive translated Scriptures—freedom from evil spirits, strength to withstand persecution, more men and women turning to Jesus! Now they want to start translating the Bible themselves. They don’t want to wait any longer! They are pleading for tools to start translating God’s Word for their own people.

The right tools will equip them to translate the Bible for themselves—and quickly. Translation that once took a decade or longer, now could be finished in only months!

You now have an opportunity to share God’s Word with millions of people who have been waiting generations to experience the Scriptures in the language of their heart!

We're providing computer tablets, with software and training, to Bible translators who are ready and waiting RIGHT NOW to start work. 

  • A tablet lets a national Bible translator work quickly and in collaboration with other translators, which speeds the work.
  • A tablet gives a translator access to a huge library of crucial resources to increase accuracy.
  • A tablet is small and portable, so it lets a Bible translator work “under the radar,” out of view of those who are hostile to the Christian faith.
  • A tablet enables a translator to upload and save the work, preserving translation progress even if disaster strikes.

1 tablet = $300
Tablets for a team of translators = $7,800
100 tablets = $30,000

Your gift to start the new year will be a beautiful blessing to churches across the world who are preparing to translate the Bible into their own heart language!