Standing Alone for God’s Word

There are some places where it’s dangerous to be a Christian. And some places where you’re considered dangerous if you’re a Christian. 

In Pa’s remote village, in South Asia, both are true.

Pa and her sister had no support. The nearest Christian family lived an hour away. The nearest church 4 hours away.

They also had no Bible, except in a foreign tongue. Pa had a deep-down passion to know God, but her people are so remote that no one had ever even offered to translate God’s Word into their language.

Finding New Hope

Pa heard about a new possibility—a way for people to translate the Bible for themselves. It seemed too good to be true—but Pa had to find out. “If I could only know God’s Word in the language of my heart,” she prayed, “I would be so grateful! I could grow so close to Jesus! I wouldn’t be so alone.”

At the age of just 17, her pastor invited Pa to join a Bible translation workshop. In spite of the risks, in spite of the difficulties of travel, she was determined to make any sacrifice necessary to experience God’s Word in her own heart language . . . and share it with her people!

God is moving through Asia like a flood. In places of intense anti-Christian persecution, in places of terrible danger, and even in areas where governments are arresting Christians, the floodgates of hope are opening up.

In the face of such risks, people like Pa are desperately hungry to know God’s Word in the language of their heart . . . the language they think in, dream in, and pray in!

The River of God

God has blessed us with an unprecedented opportunity to launch Bible translations in places where no American could safely travel or work . . . places like Pa’s village.

By God’s grace, 20 Asian ministry leaders have responded to God’s call and are ready to give their lives to this cause. Because they blend into local populations, they can move about freely, without suspicion. They understand the culture. They’re willing to risk persecution. They are prepared to start work immediately. Amazed by this opportunity, they are calling this strategy the River of God.

Their prayer is to launch 400 new translation projects in the coming year. This is their audacious, faith-filled goal . . . if they have the funds to go.

This is why they need YOU.

The total need to deploy all 20 translation leaders is $720,000. But, if we receive just $72,000 in the next 6 days, we can send two of these key leaders to the field, where they can begin leading the most urgently needed Bible translations. 

For just $96 you can fund one day of work on the field for these Bible translation leaders. Please help send these translation leaders into ministry RIGHT NOW to shine the light of God’s Word in Asia.

It can happen with your help.

And millions of people in areas of intense anti-Christian persecution will soon experience a flood of God’s Word in their own heart language—and REVIVAL can come to some of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth!

The deadline is coming fast. The River of God is flowing. Please give generously right now!

You can send a Bible translation leader to one of these areas for $96 a day.

$672 sends them into these areas for a week.

$3,000 covers a month for one of these translators.

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