100 Tablets in 1 Day—a great success!

Exciting news! We have met our goal of 100 tablets! God is providing mightily for Bible translation today through friends like you. But the truth is translation can happen even faster for even more languages if we can equip more translators with tablets. So let’s keep going and raise 30 more!


Thanks to everyone for helping provide 100 tablets.


Our #100Tablets1Day campaign is finished. Friends like you have given 147 computer tablets for national translators!


Now, Bible translators in the field will have the tools they need to bring the Bible to their people—fast!


Packed with resources, every one of these computer tablets will help national translation teams work efficiently together, check and revise their work, and then store it safely—hidden from the eyes of those who oppose the gospel.


Today is a great day for God’s work in the world!


Now, we forge ahead to bring the Bible to every people group that doesn’t have it.


Even if you missed this opportunity yesterday, you can still partner with national translators today! By providing tablets to these national translators you will help launch new Bible translation projects in 2017, advancing God’s Word into every heart!


Give today to help accelerate Bible translation around the world.

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