100 Tablets in 1 Day

Exciting news! We have met our goal of 100 tablets! God is providing mightily for Bible translation today through friends like you. But the truth is translation can happen even faster for even more languages if we can equip more translators with tablets. So let’s keep going and raise 30 more!

 It’s happening now!

 You can bring God’s Word to millions hungering for it—today.

 In the Middle East, a former terrorist is now translating God’s Word! Barnabas and other faithful national translators around the world are asking us for help to start 50 new Bible translations before the end of this year.

 That’s an extraordinary challenge. It will require an extraordinary effort—from all of us who care about bringing God’s Word to the world.

 Your gift today will bring us ever closer to that goal!

 $300 will provide a computer tablet for a Bible translation team.

 $30,000 will get us to the goal of providing 100 tablets.

 Please, give whatever you can today.


Give today to help accelerate Bible translation around the world.

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