400 Bible translators need the tools to translate God’s Word for their people—a computer tablet helps them translate quickly and safely and costs $300. Donate Now.

More Tablets, More Bible Translations

Christians have been waiting for generations to have God’s Word in their heart language.

Trapped in spiritual darkness—often isolated from other believers—they have wondered if their language wasn’t important enough for Scripture to be translated. Or worse yet, some have feared that maybe God won’t speak to them in their language.

But the word has spread that they can have God’s Word in their heart language, and through the technology and tools provided in a computer tablet, they can do the translation on their own!

When a national Bible translator receives a tablet, they hold in their hands everything they need to translate God’s Word into their mother tongue.

Packed with translation tools, these tablets are a digital library and are a place to save Bible translation work in the cloud . . . a safety measure for translating in dangerous locations.

Tablets truly change the equation for Bible translation!

When you provide a tablet for a national Bible translator, you provide:

  • Digital translation tools and a virtual library of translation resources
  • Safety for translators working in hostile environments
  • Opportunities for translators to work together across great distances
  • The ability to store and back up all translation work—quickly and safely
  • A platform for God’s Word to be easily shared and ready to distribute

You can help provide this powerful piece of technology for national Bible translators right now—each tablet costs $300.

And because of the generosity of caring friends, we have a $50,000 Matching Challenge . . . any gift you give right now will have double the impact for Bible translation, up to the full value of the Challenge!

The need for tablets continues to grow. We already have more than 300 requests for the beginning of 2021 alone!

Please give generously today—while the impact of your gift is doubled—so more men and women can begin to translate God’s Word into their heart language through the power of a tablet!


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