In a place where Christianity and Bible translation are illegal, sometimes deadly, God is moving in the hearts of believers to launch Bible translations that will change lives, villages, perhaps entire nations!

At the risk of everything they own and their very lives, these believers are asking for our help to begin translating the Bible so they can share the life-changing truth of God’s love in their heart language.

You can help them—secret, underground churches and tiny pockets of Christians in multiple language groups who have never seen a Bible in the language of their hearts. They are ready to do the work and take the necessary chances—we just need $97,500 to give them the critical tools, technology, and training they need.

It is too dangerous to share details, but we can say these people have been cut off from their own families, fired from jobs, and driven away to live as outcasts.

Yet, all they say is, “Please give us God’s Word in our own heart language. And because no such translation yet exists: Give us the tools to translate God’s Word ourselves!”

To respond to this opportunity, we need $97,500 to help five language groups in the Middle East start their translation projects! As you consider the gift you will send, please contemplate these words from a grateful believer who has received translation training—

We are from the Middle East and as Christians, we are persecuted severely in our country and in the country in which we now live as refugees. When I heard about the proposed translation project, I was skeptical . . . no one has ever begun such a project. But when I was trained . . . I thought there might be a possibility. Then we started translating the Scriptures—and it works! We can do this! Now I know we’ll have the Scriptures in our language and I’m thankful to God.

Please make a generous gift and help Wycliffe Associates answer their prayers. Through your compassion and faithfulness, you’re sharing God’s Word in a language they can understand wholeheartedly, providing tools and training for national Bible translators—even in some of the most difficult and dangerous places on Earth.


Wycliffe Associates retains control and discretion over all funds donated to it, but it seeks to use contributions raised for a particular project in furtherance of the project. If Wycliffe Associates receives more funds than are needed to complete a project or it cannot be completed due to forces beyond our control, Wycliffe Associates will use the funds where most needed to fulfill its mission of accelerating Bible translation.

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