Bible Translation Halted!

Bible translation work has been stalled in some language groups due to COVID-19, and they are reaching out, asking for help!

Some are local believers who had already begun their Bible translation work. Others were finally about to start. But then, in the devastation of the pandemic economy, they had to put their dream on hold. Again.

These national Bible translators sacrifice everything to see God’s Word translated into their heart languages. They volunteer their time, spend weeks on end away from home, and live very simply so they can further God’s Kingdom. But, many are without the means to bear the financial weight of translation costs and technology on their own.

To launch a translation project—or to restart a stalled project—it will cost $19,500. Today, we want to provide the translation resources needed for three language groups—a total of $58,500—so any gift you can give will be joined with others and allow national Bible translators to continue, or finally launch, their translation work!

Please don’t wait. We’ve got to rush in and keep Bible translation moving forward for the millions of people who are waiting to know God’s Word in their own heart language.

You can help translators start again . . . and finish . . . translation projects where their work has been stalled. And you can give the gift of joy and hope in Christ for those who have never experienced God’s Word in their own heart language.

Thank you for responding from a heart of love and giving a generous gift today.

Wycliffe Associates retains control and discretion over all funds donated to it, but it seeks to use contributions raised for a particular project in furtherance of the project. If Wycliffe Associates receives more funds than are needed to complete a project or it cannot be completed due to forces beyond our control, Wycliffe Associates will use the funds where most needed to fulfill its mission of accelerating Bible translation.

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