Open Doors in Closed Countries

Every day, believers experience atrocities in closed countries across the Middle East. War zones, honor killings, torture, daily harassment . . . that is just the surface. But none of these situations will stop them or their desire to translate God’s Word into their heart language.

We have made contact with believers ready to start Bible translations for 10 language groups in the Middle East.

This is an opportunity to reach MILLIONS with God’s Word!

The total cost to provide the translation technology and tools—our V-MAST technology for an online MAST workshop—and safe locations for translation to take place is $195,000 for all 10 language groups.

Your gift today will help equip national Bible translators to share God’s Word with people that have never had the opportunity to experience it—never had any hope of experiencing it. And while they experience daily persecution, the truth of God’s Word has the power to set them spiritually free!

Thank you for giving generously to help start these translation workshops for 10 language groups in the Middle East! Your support today will change millions of lives for eternity.

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