The persecution is intensifying . . .
And the cry for God’s Word continues!

Authorities have been using the threat of the coronavirus infection as a reason to increase surveillance and target Christians—round up Christians—harass Christians—expel Christians. In many parts of Asia, as the pandemic continues . . . the persecution intensifies.

You really couldn’t blame anyone for hiding. It would be logical for national Bible translators to back off, stop working, cancel plans. Save themselves.

But that’s not what’s happening. The yearning for God’s Word has only increased!

In places where people have been waiting for generations, Christians are pleading for the tools they need to translate God’s Word into the language of their heart.

This has been heartbreaking, especially in areas where travel is still restricted. Believers can’t come together for Bible translation workshops. Our team can’t travel to them to meet in a safe place for training.

Yet the cry still goes up: Help us! And now, thank God, we can.

We’ve developed a virtual rendition of our MAST strategy (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation)—to enable national Bible translation anywhere . . . behind closed doors . . . in closed countries . . . out of reach of hostile authorities. We call it V-MAST (Virtual MAST), and it is a Godsend.

And there’s one more crucial aspect to our strategy in these parts of the world—and this may be the most thrilling development of all:

We can train translators to train translators.

Moving quietly among their own people, Christians can train other Christians to join the translation effort. They can advance Bible translation themselves. No foreigners traveling with them. No Westerners arousing suspicion.

Right now, we are working to launch Bible translation safely—despite all of the obstacles—in 70 new languages in the next 3 months for just $19,500 per language.

The V-MAST strategy is in place; national Bible translators are ready to start . . . but we need caring friends like you to help.

Please give generously to provide tools and training for these national translators. Whatever you can do will be a blessing—an immeasurable blessing—for millions of people who have never seen a Bible in the language of their heart.

Please help make it happen with a gift today!

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