God's Word for Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters

Their world is a place of poverty, a place of tyranny, a place of instability and violence and terrorism, a place where even their most intimate beliefs are dictated by a militant government controlled by volatile extremists.

To tell you what country this is would cause extreme danger for our brothers and sisters. This country has been so closed to the gospel that this story still feels surreal . . .

 It started with a secret message—a request for a clandestine meeting in a noisy parking lot, so the sounds would cover up the details of the conversation.

A group of brave and courageous underground church pastors met nervously and asked our team for one thing . . . help them translate God’s Word for six language groups in their country.

They are risking everything for this one request—should they be identified they would be arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and possibly even killed.

This situation was so powerful and moving . . . but behind all the drama of it all is one simple request for God’s Word. The answer must be “YES!” 

But to help them will cost $117,000—$19,500 for each of the six languages. 

Today, you can be a part of answering their request, with a gift to help them begin translating. 

Your gift of Christlike compassion will provide everything these pastors and national translators need to begin their Bible translations—computer tablets complete with Bible translation software, training, and a safe place to work for national Bible translators representing six entire language groups who have never seen a Bible in their own language.

They will finally have the comfort of God’s Word, the hope of God's Word. . . the encouragement of God’s Word as they face the daily reality of oppression and menace.

Please help give these brothers and sisters the tools and the training to translate God's Word in this place of danger. . . while the opportunity is still open.

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