We must not give up on them 

Every day, the question is the same: “May I please have a Bible?”

With Print On Demand equipment, provided by generous friends like you, the answer has been “yes.”

Word has quickly spread and demand for Scripture has exploded! 

Teams of translators are running the presses almost nonstop. Yet in some parts of the world, the machines have started wearing out—they need to be replaced immediately.

And in some regions the demand has grown so much that translators need higher-capacity equipment so they can print more Bibles—just to keep up with the demand!

Each unit costs $25,000 and every dollar helps reach more souls for Christ through the life-changing truth of God’s Word.

Please give generously to help provide printed Scripture for persecuted Christians in six dangerous countries . . . places with the potential to reach millions of people—many living in the darkness of Islam—with the gospel.

The Christians are waiting. Hoping. Praying. Their friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, and countrymen are slipping into eternity without knowing their Savior.

We must not give up on them.

So thank you for your giving generously towards our $150,000 goal to provide high-capacity Print On Demand units to these six countries. Your support today will help to change eternity for others!

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