Secret meetings are just the beginning

Hidden meetings on an isolated mountain top.

Church leaders disguised as tourists on an island where Christianity is a virtual death sentence.

Walking through a crowded market, the bartering and noise drowning out the conversations and prayers of Bible translators in this Muslim country.

Bible translation workshops are springing out of the seeds sown in these secret meetings!

National Bible translators are willing to do whatever it takes to see God’s Word translated into the language of their hearts so their friends and family members can come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Word is spreading about the MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) strategy, and more and more men and women are reaching out for our help. Every day requests pour in for assistance with tools to launch a MAST Bible translation project. Right now we have hundreds of requests just waiting for a “YES!”

To launch a translation costs $19,500. Your gift will provide all the necessary tools for Bible translation workshops, including the training and technology that speeds and protects the work of national Bible translators.

In some cases, you'll even help Bible translators travel to a safe location where they can receive training and work together with other believers.

Please give today to bring the light of God's Word to these hostile and spiritually dark places.

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