“Give us God’s Word!”

Across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, oppressive regimes are trying to kill Christianity.

Our brothers and sisters are suffering unspeakable abuse just for having faith in Jesus Christ. They are risking their lives every day.

But they are NOT asking for protection.

“Give us God’s Word!” they cry.

More than 36,000 households have been waiting . . . praying . . . hoping . . . desperate for the Bible in their heart language.

Imagine having a deep love for Jesus, but never having the opportunity to read a single word of Scripture in a language you understand. They’ve never known that JOY—ever.

But do you want to know the worst tragedy?

In some of these places, the Scriptures have already been translated into their languages—

That’s right, they just need Bibles printed!

All of their suffering . . . all of their agony . . . they’re not asking for relief from that. They just want to read the Bible—the one thing that will bring them peace during the storm.

It takes only $2 to provide a New Testament, and with 36,000 homes in need right now that means it will take $72,000.

Please help end their wait for Scripture . . .

$52 provides New Testaments for 26 Christians
$104 provides New Testaments for 52 Christians
$208 provide New Testaments for 104 Christians

Please provide New Testaments for these suffering believers today!

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