Huge Opportunity to Spread God’s Word

We’ve never been in such a position . . .

A jaw-dropping 619 people groups have the potential to receive God’s Word, translated into the language of their heart, this year.

Countless families had all but given up hope of ever seeing this happen, but you can make it possible if you are able to help us provide Bible translators with the high-tech computer tablets they need.

We need 2,100 tablets to seize this incredible opportunity and reach these people groups. Each tablet costs $300, so the total need is $630,000.

Thankfully, generous friends have stepped forward and provided a $60,000 Challenge fund, meaning that your generous gift today will be combined with this fund to reach even more language groups that are waiting for God’s Word!

People are desperately waiting to receive the gift of God’s Word, so please give your best as soon as you are able.

Will you help provide a computer tablet to a national Bible translator today? 

Please give a generous online donation right now and give them God’s Word.