Praise God! You helped us reach our initial goal of 130 tablets for national Bible translators in some of the most highly persecuted areas of the world! But there are so many more people waiting to get started on translating Scripture for their communities . . . so don’t stop now! How many more people groups and communities we can say “YES!” to? Let’s provide 50 MORE TABLETS!
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National Bible translators are committed and ready to start translation workshops in some of the most highly persecuted areas of the world! There is a wave of requests that just keeps growing. Currently we are praying friends like you will help provide the first 130 computer tablets needed to launch new translation starts this fall. 

Tablets are an essential tool for Bible translation workshops. When you provide a tablet to national translators, you give them a library of translation resources to ensure accuracy, and the ability to connect with other translators for collaboration.

In some places hostile to faith, a tablet allows national Bible translators to continue their work discreetly and securely, and allows them to save their work electronically so there is a digital backup in case their work is discovered or destroyed.

Each tablet costs just $300, and your gift will help put these valuable tools in to the hands of these committed national Bible translators.

For many of the countries represented in the hundreds of requests we’ve received, this window of opportunity may only be open for a short time . . . the persecution and oppression is so strong.

Don’t let this chance pass by without helping national Bible translators get the tools they need to translate God’s Word into their heart language. Provide a tablet to a waiting translator.

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