33 Bible translations in Nigeria and Burkina Faso are at risk due to loss of funding! You can help them continue.
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33 Bible Translations are at Risk!

Right now, Bible translation partners in Nigeria and Burkina Faso are facing the disappointing reality of 33 of their translation projects being shut down. These national Bible translators were recently told that they would no longer receive the funding to see their projects through to completion.

These projects were not part of Wycliffe Associates’ plan for this year—they weren’t part of our budget—but once we heard these translations were in danger of being shut down, we immediately started looking for ways to help. No Bible translation project should have to face being shut down, put on hold, or stalled because of a loss of funding!

National Bible translators are committed to the task and ready to go!

We can be the answer to the prayers of local churches and faithful national Bible translators. We can be the answer to seeing these translation projects across the finish line.

But we must respond so that these translators do not lose momentum in this eternally significant work.

It only takes $19,500 to fund a Bible translation workshop and provide the necessary resources and training. And this Easter our goal is to continue at least three workshops!

What better way to celebrate the Easter season than by sharing the truth of the resurrection in the language of their heart.

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