They are Hungry for God’s Word

When Christian missionaries first visited remote villages in Indonesia, they had to spend years learning the native language before they could verbally communicate Bible stories for villagers. That was decades ago.

Today, small rural congregations are clinging to their Christian faith as the pressure from their Muslim neighbors to conform and convert builds. More than anything, they need the encouragement of Scriptures in the language of their hearts. They need God’s Word!

There still is no Bible in many of their languages

This scenario is playing out right now in many remote Indonesian villages where there are 287 distinct languages STILL waiting for God’s Word.

It’s heartbreaking to think that believers in these villages—our brothers and sisters in Christ—are pleading for the Word of God. For themselves and their precious children. And remember, they are praying under pressure, surrounded by the swelling tide of Islam and holding onto the hope that somehow, someone would show them the way.

Christians from these language groups have waited far too long for the Truth and are now asking for the tools to translate Scripture into their own unique languages, for their own people.

Will you help them translate God’s Word into their heart language?

Launching Bible translation in a new language costs just $19,500. Today Christians from these isolated Indonesian villages can translate Scripture into their heart language themselves!

But they still need the technology and tools to get the job done. Your generous gift can provide them with what they need.

This is your opportunity to help end the generations-long wait for countless people. Help bring God’s Word to 287 Indonesian language groups with your gift of love!

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