Praise God! You helped us reach our goal of 200 tablets for national Bible translators! That means that in the next few weeks, hundreds of faithful men and women who have given their lives to translating God’s Word into their heart languages will hear “YES!” and begin their translation projects. But there are so many more people desperate to get started on translating Scripture for their communities . . . so don’t stop now! How many more people groups and communities we can say “YES!” to? Let’s provide 100 more tablets TODAY! Donate Now.

200 computer tablets will change everything!

Right now we have received more requests for translated Scriptures than ever before, especially from isolated regions of the world where brothers and sisters desperately need God’s strength as they stand up and face extreme persecution.

The requests keep pouring in because the word is spreading so fast that there are innovative technology resources and translation strategies available to help national Bible translators bring God’s Word to their people in their own heart language.

Translators are ready to start NOW!

We have the opportunity to say “YES!” to beginning these new translation projects! Many of the requests that come in are from parts of the world where Christians have been isolated for generations, living in desperate need of the encouragement found in God’s Word.

These national Bible translators are standing by, ready to start Bible translation projects TODAY . . .

There’s only one problem . . . they don’t have the tools they need.

You can help put a computer tablet loaded with Bible translation software and resources into the hands of a faithful national Bible translator for just $300. That means in order to provide all of the 200 tablets for national translators, we need a total of $60,000.

Our goal is to provide for 200 tablets BY MIDNIGHT DECEMBER 31, and start off 2019 by launching 40 more new Bible translation projects!

And right now friends have provided a generous Challenge fund to help meet this need. So when you give today, your gift will be combined with the challenge to provide even more tablets!

Help send tablets today and let’s get more translation workshops underway in 2019!


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