You answered the passionate and desperate plea from national Bible translators for tools to help them with translation projects in such a generous way.

Because of you, 359 tablets loaded with software and training will be on their way to brave men and women translating God’s Word in the face of persecution and torture.

When used with our MAST strategy (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation), these computer tablets not only speed up the amount of time it takes to produce a translated copy of God’s Word in a new local language, but they are also compact and discreet, allowing translators to work under the radar of oppressive forces while keeping their work safe through continuous electronic backups! Transformational technology!

Here at the beginning of the new year, communities will start to read Scripture in their heart language . . . and these communities will be changed forever. 2019 will be the start of a new life in Christ for thousands of men and women once bound by spiritual darkness.

Thank you for your generous giving.

It is amazing to start off the year with so many new translations in these communities. But even more national translators are still pleading for the tools to start translation projects in their heart language. If God leads you, please help answer their call as well with a gift today.

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