They'll know God's Word . . . for the first time ever!

People in remote tribes of Papua New Guinea (PNG) will finally experience God’s Word in the language of their heart . . . thanks to the generosity of many caring friends.

Our goal was to raise funds to launch national Bible translation projects in PNG in one week—and generous friends gave enough to launch 3 new translation projects!

Now people in PNG will be able to fully understand the Word of God—and turn away from centuries of bondage—ancient superstitions—ancestor worship—black magic—revenge curses—fear of evil spirits—a dismal life of pagan ritual and grim desperation.

Yet even more language groups in PNG continue waiting and hoping for the opportunity to translate God’s Word into the language of their heart. There is still one language group prepared and waiting to launch Bible translation RIGHT NOW if we can provide the funds. It will take just $19,500 for the technology and training to start.

You can still share the Word with them—by giving today to help provide the tools they need to launch Bible translation projects.

Thank you! God bless you!

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