God's Word in FOUR New Languages!

It could happen this week . . .

With your help, in just days, remote tribes in Papua New Guinea (PNG) could start translating the Scriptures in their own heart language.

These people have been waiting generations for TRUTH. Instead they have been placing their hopes in evil spirits, going so far as to practice pagan ritual to avoid wrath. Children are growing up surrounded by spiritual darkness.

But you have the opportunity to change this story . . .

Right now, Bible translation teams have assembled in Papua New Guinea and can start translating the Scriptures into FOUR NEW LANGUAGES IMMEDIATELY—but only if you can help provide them with the tools:

Our proven-effective strategy is called MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation)—training nationals to collaborate and translate Scripture faster than ever before using computer tablets, Bible translation software, and a connection to translation resources.

Their long wait could finally be over . . . THIS WEEK!

All we need is $78,000 to launch the translation of God’s Word for four entire language groups who have been waiting CENTURIES for the truth!

Please give a generous online donation now to share the Scriptures with PNG tribes who have never seen a Bible in the language of their heart!

Set them free from the nightmare of curses, black magic, pagan rituals, and fear of evil spirits. Don’t allow God’s Word to be hidden any longer. Share it today!


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