They won’t quit—but they can’t keep going . . .

They’re suffering unspeakable abuse—simply because they’ve tried to share God’s Word with their countrymen. 

But they refuse to give up. They refuse to quit. Refuse to run. Refuse to turn their backs on the mission of Bible translation. They are determined to share God’s Word with their own people, in the language of their heart. At any cost. Because their people are so desperate to experience the truth of God’s Word in the language of their heart.

Not just a few translators. HUNDREDS. Because God’s Word still has not been fully translated into hundreds of languages—218 languages in the Middle East alone.

  • Christians in these language groups are captured, tortured for their faith—and don’t even have the Scriptures to encourage and embolden them!
  • Non-believers see the violence around them and have nowhere to turn for hope.
  • Muslims are disenchanted with Islam, led astray by their religious leaders—but don’t trust the gospel unless they see the truth written in Scripture. Again and again we hear this cry: “Don’t just tell me what the Bible says—give me the Word itself. I will read it. If it’s there, I want to see the Bible with my own eyes and know for certain that it is true.”

National Bible translators are fearless, but they can’t carry on without our help. We must provide the support they need—equipment, training, tools—to launch translation in at least 30 new languages, and keep translation going in languages already begun.

They are willing to risk violence and even death. WILL YOU STAND WITH THEM?

With our proven-effective translation strategy, national Bible translators can translate the Bible quickly and accurately. It only takes $19,500 to begin each new translation. For 30 languages, we need $585,000.

If we had the funds, we could start as many as 60 new languages in the next 45 days! WORKERS ARE READY AND WAITING—PLEADING FOR HELP, so they can share God’s Word with their own people, in their own heart language!

$54 will support a Bible translator for a day

$300 will provide a computer tablet for a Bible translator

$1,392 will support an entire Bible translation workshop for a day