Attacks leave translators, and Bible translations at risk

It happened only moments before one of the first regional MAST workshops in Papua New Guinea was scheduled to start…

Warring tribes armed with knives, machetes, spears, and even shotguns attacked the homes and villages surrounding the location of the MAST workshop.

Inside the workshop were men and women from these opposing clans—united only in Christ and a shared purpose of seeing the Bible translated into multiple heart languages. While they gathered for worship and prayer, their tribes clashed outside in anger.

For months, these faithful Christian brothers and sisters had prayed, planned, and hoped that this MAST workshop would bring peace to their tribes and transformation through the translated Word of God.

But the enemy had other plans…


Fear has now gripped national Bible translators and their families.

Vital crops, the only source of income for many of the poorer families, were destroyed.

And even worse, lives have been threatened. The streets are not safe to walk. Everyone is afraid and walking under a shadow of darkness.

With the homes of many of their relatives now nothing but smouldering ash, they feel like they have lost everything. Some have nothing but the clothes on their back. They are afraid to go outside, let alone return to the MAST workshop and keep the translations going.

We must provide them with a safe-haven…

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it’s the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21 NIV


The Enemy wanted this attack to disrupt the work of Bible translation and STOP the workshops from continuing.

After generations without Scripture, MAST allows the churches to translate the Bible themselves into the language or dialect they speak.

Translating the Bible is the only thing that can bring peace to their tribes.

So, we must do everything we can to protect the national Bible translators and keep the workshops running. Today, you have this opportunity.

Right now, join together with your Christian brothers and sisters that support Bible translation and bring beauty from these ashes in Jesus’ name.

Show your support with a generous gift to protect translators and keep Bible translations in Papua New Guinea moving forward.

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