Bible Translations at Risk!

We have just received disturbing news from Cameroon . . .

SHOCKING VIOLENCE has broken out, with Bible translators’ families and the Bible translation center have been besieged.

The homes of four Bible translators who serve at the center were burned to the ground—nothing but rubble remains—and even worse . . . the husband of the project typist was brutally killed.

Bruce, the violence is continuing and there have been some more burnings and killings too.

The houses of four people who serve in Bible translation were burnt to the ground. The husband of the project typist was killed—we are weeping.

People are fleeing—some are running to the north, some are hiding in the bush.

“We are all weeping,” one of the Bible translators shared in a rushed email.

“People are fleeing—some are running to the north, some are hiding in the bush.

The Bible translation center itself was ransacked in the violence. Armed men broke in and stole laptops, translation recording kits, and other crucial resources that were being used to translate the Bible into 17 languages—these Bible translation projects are now at risk of STOPPING!

There is an immediate need to raise $170,000 to provide emergency protection for Bible translators and quickly replace the translation equipment.

Please send your very best gift right now to protect our brothers and sisters and keep the Bible translations in Cameroon going.

And please, at every moment you can, pray for our friends in Cameroon.

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