Launch Translations in Persecuted Countries

The oppression and persecution have only escalated during COVID-19. Lockdowns and quarantines are the perfect cover for hostile authorities to spy, search, and surveil Christians more than ever before.

But this has not stopped believers from wanting to bring God’s Word to their communities in their heart language—they are not backing down!

During this time of uncertainty, we turn to God’s Word for hope. Bible translators do the same. Even though they are isolated, they are still moving forward to put the hope of the gospel into the hands of their countrymen.

We have requests for help from two language groups who want to start translations in a persecuted region of Asia. You can help provide the translation tools and resources they need to begin translating Scripture securely and discreetly.

Each translation launch will cost $19,500—so to begin both projects, it will take $39,000.

Please give generously today . . . your gift will help provide national translators with everything they need to begin translating Scripture and distributing it to people who have longed to read God’s Word in their heart language.

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