100 Tablets in 1 Day

Exciting news! We have met our goal of 100 tablets! God is providing mightily for Bible translation today through friends like you. But the truth is translation can happen even faster for even more languages if we can equip more translators with tablets. So let’s keep going and raise 30 more!


We’ve received an urgent request to start 50 new Bible translations.


This can be possible because of the dramatic advances in Bible translation. With a computer tablet, a translation team can work together, store their information easily, and keep Bible translation work hidden from persecutors who oppose the gospel.


With God’s help, we’re working to bring 100 of these tablets to national translators who need them. At $300 a piece, they provide a full library of translation tools so national translators can begin working right away. They’ll be bringing the Word of God to people who’ve hungered for it—in some cases, for millennia.


You can be part of this historic one-day effort.


Please, give whatever you can today.


Give today to help accelerate Bible translation around the world.

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